Smoked Chicken

Smoked Chicken

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Incredibly moist and packed with that delicious smoky flavour. No dry, tough chicken around here!
2-3 Days if refrigerated

We are currently delivering our products in selected regions of Delhi NCR, & Gurgaon. Your order will arrive in 24 hours if placed between 7 AM-7 PM. Post 7 PM it will take 48 hours to deliver. All our meats are freshly marinated a day in advance in our Meatery HQ. Our product pricing is exclusive of 5% taxes.

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You can sear thick-cut steaks, pork chops, chicken thighs or breasts, or any other decently sized cut of meat. You can make excellent skillet chicken tacos, for example, by searing marinated chicken breasts in your skillet. Cooking instructions?


The main advantage when cooking meat in an oven is that the process can take place over a long time period. The protein is heated slowly and it is easy to monitor and control the exact internal temperature of the meat. But don't trust the temperature stated by your oven – trust your thermometer! Cooking instructions?


Once the meat’s on the grill, resist all urges to touch or lift it until it releases from the grill naturally. This will aid in solid grill marks (read: flavor) and keep the meat from tearing. Once the browning (or fond) forms and the meat releases, turn it often as you finish grilling, to allow even cooking. Cooking instructions?